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Work From Home Tips – Corona Crisis Lockdown

6April 2020

Work from Home PanaceasRight now, a lot of people are working from home who aren’t used to it…

And those who already worked from home are dealing with family members who used to be gone for most of the day, being home all the time, making it harder to focus on getting tasks done…
Here are some tips that will help you have a better experience working from home:
1. Make a Designated Room/Office – It’s crucial to keep your work life and home life separate. One way to help do this is by having a designated home office… If you can’t have a dedicated room, have a dedicated specific place which has the least distractions possible, ideally a window you can look out of now and then (good for the eyes), and noise cancelling headphones (the headphones send a message to those around you that you are working)
2. Don’t Get Distracted by the ‘News’ – Right now the news is a huge distraction for people working from home. It’s good to be informed, but don’t let it encompass your whole day. Set timers for breaks if you must, but have the discipline to refrain from watching the news, checking YouTube  etc. too much during working hours. You can block such sites with various apps if they are too much of a distraction… stay logged out of social media. If you need to focus on work, unplug the internet or turn off wifi.
3. Get Dressed! – This might seem simple, or trivial, but it’s actually pretty important. No need to dress as formally as you would for work, but the basic act of putting clothes tells your brain it’s time to wake up and get things done. It makes you feel human and helps draw the line between being at work and being at home.
4. Define Your Working Hours – Similar to making a designated space to work, and getting dressed, this is about giving your mind habits it can follow. Setting clear hours is a crucial part of ensuring a proper work/life balance. If you live with other people, this separation is even more critical. Having a separate time & space to work will help you be more present in your home life. Have clear start times, and end times for your work and stick to them.
5. Socialize (from a distance!) – Just because we’re practicing social distancing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialize. In fact, it’s important that you make time to catch up with co-workers. A little interaction goes a long way. Have a video call with your team mates once a week.