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Mobile Websites & Landing Pages – 7 Game Changers

Here are 7 Internet Game Changers to Transform your Website or Landing Page or Both!  Dramatically improve your site and attract More Customers…

Quick and relatively easy to do changes can produce really Dramatic Improvements and directly lead to increases in Profitability by up to 250%.  Are you ready?

Welcome to Internet Marketing 2.0  Websites and Landing pages

  • Website Myth No 1   “Build it and they will Come” You may have been told that a large attractive site with loads of content and sliders with opt in forms, blogs, about us etc would benefit your business and bring in clients…….. incorrect. The Idea that you can Sell immediately to people online does not work..of course even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut but generally speaking the conversion rate for a normal website is around 1% ie 1 in a 100 persons takes valuable action. However, you must therefore change the purpose of the website to ” Permission based marketing”. ie. and begin a relationship with the client by giving them value and not try to pitch them something at the outset.  This can increase conversion rates to 25%.


  • Recent changes in the internet world mean that this sort of site is going to be increasingly ineffective.  In fact you may be better off with some lean mean landing pages containing a single targeted message.  They are also much faster to load, really mobile friendly ( vital these days! ) and have modern chat, communication functions eg tap to call, 1 click email etc  Your sites should work for you 24/7 and act like a full time member of staff informing and engaging.. are you really happy with your website?


  • Website Game Changer #2   The 8 second test .. measured across thousands of sites it has been established beyond reasonable doubt that 50% of visitors leave in 8 seconds.  You really need to give your visitors an utterly compelling reason to stay on your site.  Most web designers do not appreciate this and it is for this reason that half of your audience simply scroll down and do not stay…


  • Website Game Changer #3  Online video on website is now vital… A silent website is like a silent movie!  Some sample Videos available Free to members :



  • Your Internet presence must be your multi media world- video can improve response by 200% but it must be the right way…eg have someone interview you ask 5 questions you are always asked about by your clients and split it up into separate videos and articles.  You can also interject some other types of videos to create interest and engagement.  eg. such as this  one or these types of video.  N. There are a huge range of Videos to choose from –   more details.


  • Website Game Changer #4  Google Ads + Bing /Yahoo Pay Per Click 
  • SEO as a practice to manipulate google is to be discouraged since you may end up getting banned by Google.  This is different from optimising your actual website on page or your Google Maps listings etc..  Paying Google for ads is the best way to get INSTANT TRAFFIC. It is however, becoming increasingly complex and for this reason we would encourage you to get assistance with your campaigns. Our aim is to Double Your Clicks and Halve your Costs .  You can check out our Professional Google Ads Service here.


  • Website Game Changer #5   Email marketing   Contrary to popular belief people like to receive  emails if they contain useful, valuable information but not spam. Most businesses   make money from email follow ups not the original lead capture from their website or landing page. You should use email to stay in touch with your client list at least 2 x per week  and enhance your relationship. You will need an autoresponder…( Free Trial of the leading Aweber autoresponder is available here).  This will help you handle all email aspects of your marketing. More…


  • Website Game Changer #6   In many ways Social Media represents the marketing of the future and is something you will need to get to grips with – preferably sooner rather than later.  Let’s  Destroy the myths:  Facebook is not just a platform for sharing pictures of pets – it is used by almost everyone including top CEOs.  Likes do not help so please don’t waste time on them.  Putting up loads of posts can also be a waste of time.
  • We have set out a new strategy to get more clients from Facebook which is outlined HERE. Facebook is also brilliant for demographic targeting and it’s artificial intelligence and machine learning is the best in the business.  So it is great for advertising to find new clients but here is a Pro Tip.  You can upload clients email addresses to the FB platform and serve messages to them ( and LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES ) for pennies!   ( subject to GDPR regs)


  • Website Game Changer #7  This is really important.  The Pages you send your leads to must have all the attributes of Internet Marketing 2.0. If, for example,  you advertise on google you send them to a landing page. This can be your home page but think seriously about which landing page since you do not want to confuse the client or dilute your message.  Home pages often have too much going on.  Better to use a custom built landing page which has a single message, loads quickly and does the job!
  • Done for you Landing pages \ These can be custom made or taken from any website you like ( subject to copyright).  Here are some examples:
  • Solicitors Generic LP
  • Family law LP
  • Lawyer Generic LP
  • Generic LP

Landing pages when grouped together eg. with a thank you page are commonly known as “Funnels”.  These can be really effective in delivering information or sales messages and creating client engagement ( more than websites) .  The message is more focused and they can be more readily optimised for mobile devices and are lightening quick.  There are some amazing funnel builders which are designed to be used by absolute beginners with no previous experience in Internet Marketing or design skills.  You can learn about them here...