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Landing Pages 2020

14May 2019

landing pages

In just a few years, things are changing fast .  And these changes have a great affect on how your Business finds new clients…

Back in 2013, approximately a third of people looking for a local Service relied on a friend’s recommendations, yellow pages or local newspaper ads to find one. Today, more than 75%  of people go online !

Since  so many people are seeking legal help online, firms are increasingly relying on the Internet and legal landing pages to turn their prospects into clients.

So what is a  Landing Page?

This is a standalone web page with the aim and focus on driving a specific action.  Elements such as explainer videos,  trust badges, benefit headers and testimonials work together to  convert visitors to leads.

Marketing research reveals that there is little margin for error.  Some of Google Ads most costly Pay Per Click keywords can be costly sums – Allegedly one keyword was over £700 per click.

Landing pages and websites have literally a couple of seconds to engage a prospect or they leave.  The sad truth is that most websites don’t work.  They may look pretty but they are not effective.  So much depends on that first impression.

We work hard to build  you  landing pages that  deliver by converting prospects to leads?  And that have a positive ROI, and work for you  24/7.

How to create perfect  landing page?

You want your page to attract new clients and instantly get their attention.  Here are some tips on what features to include to make a Landing Page /or website  effective.

  1. Your visitors attention span is limited and too much information or moving images at the top of the page can create a blind spot.  Our research shows that a good static image or simple video is best, and therefore the trend to use Sliders at the top of the page is not particularly helpful.

Indeed we found that calls increased with no slider.

2.  There should be a strong call to action and (a list) of benefits for the client.  How is a client going to benefit from using you ? eg. Receive personal attention , get a better product or service etc.

3. Features.  Potential clients like to see information that is helpful to them.

4. Show them you are the best and have an outstanding local reputation. Perhaps mention proof in the form of testimonials or relevant logos . Always have an SSL certificate). Use these credibility indicators but do not overdo it.

5. You may also want to include a Star Rating which reflects your current ranking with Google. However, be accurate.   Do not say your have a 5 star rating if you don’t.  Putting a 4.6 ranking may be more credible.

6. Enquiry Form.  Depending on your business model you may wish to offer a Free in depth no obligation case consultation.  This removes the fear factor and makes it safe for prospective clients to call without thinking they will get a huge bill.  Do not use the word “Submit” – something like ” Give me my Free Consultation”, normally works better.  Also, ensure the Contact Form stands out, and consider using a chat box or Facebook Messenger.

7. You may wish to include a background image of your office, your service Black and White or grey scale images work well and you can use colour to highlight important aspects of the page.

8.  A good landing page can be used for all of your digital marketing including Pay Per Click and Social Media.  Be careful not to try to over complicate it and include too much.  There are tools such as Click Funnels which are brilliant for building Landing Pages.  They offer a 14 day Free Trial so you could give it a try without it costing anything!  Another great landing page builder is Convertri – this is English and well worth a look!

Check out Click Funnels –  Click Funnels is the Leading Landing Page and Sales Funnel Building Software and is available with a 14 Day Trial ( Click here )

Or Check out Convertri

The very latest development comes in the form of Hybrid Websites which incorporate a landing page element.  This gives you the best of both worlds – the ability to give out information about your business on the site ( and generate local SEO ) Plus the direct efficiency of a funnel aimed at getting your visitors ( who are probably on a mobile device) to take the action you want.

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