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Getting More Leads & Clients using Social Media

All of the information, reports and tools available on this site should help you to get a firmer grasp of how Digital Marketing can help your practice.

I realise that many people s are simply too busy to devote sufficient time to Marketing.

Marketing Online Services  is not an easy task. Word of mouth and recommendations can go a long way but simple ads or Facebook posts that say ( for example ) ” Looking for a divorce lawyer – come and see us” are generally ineffective. Many do not do it at all and those that do use a shotgun approach and just hope that some of it hits the target.

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It is true to say that online Marketing is becoming increasingly complex as we try to keep abreast of constant algorithm changes by the likes of Google and Facebook. In order to make sense of it all it is helpful to start by looking at online traffic in more detail.

There are three types of what we term as “Traffic”, ie. internet leads that may become paying clients:

  1. Traffic you do not control eg People visiting your website or Facebook page on social media.
  2. Traffic you control eg by advertising on with Google Ads ( You control by paying for People to click on your ads) or,
  3. Traffic you own. ( eg. People who have actually opted in to your email list and you can contact them again and again, whenever you want to.


So with this in mind let us take things a step further:


  1. The traffic you do not control

People visiting your website or landing page falls into this category.  Many marketers talk about Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) and getting your key words onto the first page of Google Search.  This is all to engender traffic you do not control.  That is not to say that this is a bad strategy.  Having a well optimised website and keywords can still be a valuable source of business.

In my view, the single best thing that you can do is to get your keywords and thereby your website into what is known as the “three pack” on the First Page of Google. These are the organic search listings which appear if someone types in a search key word , For example: Divorce Solicitor in Croydon  ( they appear underneath and on top of the paid Google Ads ).  However, these listings are FREE and this can be achieved using Google – with the Google Maps/ Google my business platform.


Use Google Maps and Google My Business

Here in the UK, this remains the No 1  strategy to get your business on the first page of Google at this time. Also, depending on the competition you have in your local market place this is still comparatively easy and you is still possible do it yourself. So, first of all, check your Google my business listing and ensure it is verified and you have completed all the sections correctly.

Then check your online presence and look at the report here. Finally, start to add to the online citations and Directory entries.


One your firm is on Page 1 of Google you will notice a considerable increase in requests and engagement.  This can take some time – depending on the competition it would normally take 2 -3 months to achieve but will depend on your competition.  If you are still not appearing after 4 months of trying you will need to reevaluate your campaign efforts and look more closely at the competition.  It may be , for example , that you need to increase the amount of reviews on your Directory sites or the number of back links.


Pro Tip : It is also necessary to update your website or any other landing pages so you utilise new technologies to capture client’s data that does not necessarily involve them completing a web-form.

In fact on of the simplest solutions is to have your telephone number displayed prominently as a Click to Call number!  Since the chances are that your prospect has a phone in their hands make it easy for them to use it and call you.


  1. Traffic you Control

This type of traffic is the kind of client leads that you pay for.  It is possible to  pay Google, Yahoo, or Bing so your key words appear on Google’s front page. If one of your keywords was ( for example ) “ Divorce Solicitor in Croydon”, you can pay Google so that everytime someone types this or similar words into the Search box your ad will be displayed.  Note that you do not pay unless your ad is shown!


The difficulty with Google Ads is that putting together these campaigns has become increasingly complex and whilst you can try this yourself you should consider  employing  a professional to get good results and not throw marketing pounds away.  Also, remember that the more competition there is for the sought after ” Buyer keywords ”  the more expensive they will be.

On the plus side you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and so with a properly thought out campaign adwords can be very productive and produces NEAR INSTANT RESULTS!

Professional Done for You Service from just £250 per month

  1. Traffic you Own

Not surprisingly it is the Traffic you own that is the Best form of traffic. You are not subject to the whims of Google’s algorithm changes, and control your own destiny.

Some years ago you could get these Leads by simply putting an optin form on your website and then everyone who visited it could have the opportunity to opt in and you could build your client list.


This type of marketing can be thought of as Internet Marketing 1.0. The problem is that it no longer works so  well today. As more people turn to mobile devices to view websites they are less inclined to fill in details on a mobile phone or ipad. People are also savvier and are looking for relevant content or information, simply saying we offer this or that service is no longer enough.


The last few months of 2018 have seen some major advancements in Social Media/ Facebook marketing.  Please forget everything you previously thought about Facebook because it is changing fast…Think about this – If you would advertise your services on TV and the TV company could guarantee that your advertisements would only be seen by your target demographic audience eg. adults aged 40-60, with an income of £x, living in a detached house; in your geographic target area don’t you think that the ads would be far more effective?


Advances in machine learning and Artificial intelligence have been absolutely staggering and now allow us to use Facebook to find your perfect client – at much lower rates than conventional pay per click. (Find out more). This new technology coupled with an innovative strategy delivers a new and powerful way to find new clients.

Why Professionals should Use Social Media To Get More Clients?

As I have intimated marketing is always evolving and social media will ultimately replace Google’s organic search.  Google’s ambition is to get everyone to pay to advertise and over time it is likely that organic search optimisation methods will diminish in their effectiveness.   What’s interesting about social media is that social media is a tool that you can use to propagate your corporate brand.

Unique Facebook Strategy to Build Your Brand & Get More Clients…with Marketing 2.0

Use this branding strategy to market your business and you will  not be susceptible to algorithm updates since  you are using social media simply as a tool.  You must provide value, differentiate yourself and build a distribution channel you own.

The other nice part about this strategy is that there is virtually no competition and the chances are that you will be the ONLY one doing this!  Now there are many who say that social media doesn’t work, and that they’ve tried Facebook and other social media platforms.  However, that was then and this is now, so buckle up….


Facebook Marketing 2.0 A Guide  to getting more law clients from social media.

Solicitors marketing clients

If you already are using your Facebook page you probably have created a business page for your firm and post content or even ads in the form of posts on it from time to time. This is Facebook marketing 1.0 and does not really work any more .. or at all!

The posts may have even linked to your website and you may even have paid to boost the post to increase its reach .  The rational for this is that if a potential client reads you post, and needs your services they will call.  However,  If you think about it this is hoping for quite a lot,  since the chances of hitting the right person at the right time are relatively slim!

The truth is that people do not like to see normal adverts on Facebook and moreover, they are becoming ” ad blind”.

Regular , Constant Contact is Essential

Recent research indicates that in order for someone to respond to your marketing they need to see your ad or online presence multiple times.  in other words they will not come to you right away  and may need to be “touched” up to 20 times!  before they respond.

Simply relying on a traditional Facebook business page and putting the odd content or ad on it has real shortcomings since you hope they see your content or  ad and trust you enough to click on it.  However, they may be on a mobile device or in an inconvenient location and so they leave and do not take action.  They do not follow up and probably cannot find you again.

So what is New?

This new method is based on the creation of one post promoting content that is sought after in your area of the law. You then promote it with Facebook so that it is shown to  people that actually are likely need your services and engage you.  This strategy works in just  nearly all niches area I an think of – and is particularly good for Professional Services .Simply make a list of the main topics or questions that most of your clients would ask you and then write down the solution and put it into a pdf. In other words, think of problems that your target audience has and give them the solution.

  1. Draft this into a short ebook with an attractive,catchy cover.
  2. Target your audience demographic with one one high quality Facebook post, and boost or promote that post with an inexpensive Facebook ad targeted at your audience .
  3. You then capture the email addresses of everyone that views the post with a Landing Page and continue to follow up with high-value content until they retain you. (You can capture their email addresses with a technique directly on Facebook or via a specially created landing page.)
  4. Direct them to your newly formed Facebook Group
  5. Send further emails to them ( now you have their address) and also consider Facebook remarketing ( retargeting) advertisments ( which are really inexpensive).
  6. Communicate with the growing list using Simple videos. It is easy to create 4-6 videos with your smart phone that comprise the most popular questions that clients ask in your various areas of practice.  The key is to offer them value and to keep it interesting ie. Not to use trade  jargon.

This enables you to follow up with these leads and send regular emails to  ensure they become familiar with your firm and the areas of law you practice.  It is important to ensure that your emails are not regarded as spam . NEVER attempt to sell anything in these mails but simply bring value to the potential client.

  1. You can then automate the entire process.
  2. You can build up your group whilst simultaneously setting yourself up as an authority in your niche. This does take some thought and work but is really worthwhile and creates a valuable asset whilst enhancing your brand.


Here’s How…  Creating Your Ebook


This has to be a really great and must have piece of content for persons in your niche area that solves some ( but not all ) of their problems.  It should be saved as a pdf downloadable that is sent to them in exchange for their email address.

Ideally, this ebook should be a maximum of 750 words and should generate curiosity on the part of the reader. Imagine your perfect client and make sure the content is addressed to them !

If you were doing this for a Solicitor, for example,  you could say:    A simple way to do this is to write a “How to” article or make a list; such as ” Three ways to protect yourself when seeking Residency rights in the UK ”,  “Five ways to protect yourself in a Divorce”,   “ Four things that happen when you die without a Will”.  Avoid jargon and use a normal conversational style and make sure it is really worthwhile and valuable.

Setting up the system

The aim is to send a short email that introduces some content or a video, which is going to be related to a problem that they have or something that’s going to provide them value, ( which is related to the ebook they opted into your email list for).

solicitors marketing club

It does not have to be difficult! Just discuss questions or topics your clients are interested in!


Whilst you do not have to make videos these are the best form of content. Do not worry about making mistakes or creating a Hollywood Production! These are not sales videos but rather help you to set yourself up to be the expert, and establish yourself as an authority whilst becoming familiar with your audience.  Videos need  only be a up to a couple of minutes in length and can be anecdotal , tell a story , or give out information.

Getting Your Videos and content out there

Completed videos can be uploaded to YouTube. The  links to these videos can then be sent to the email addresses of your optin list with a short email introducing them without going into too much details concerning the contents of the video. ( NB. I am assuming that you are complying with the new GDPR regulations; if you are in any doubt you can download a free check list here).

It is important to optimise your videos with a short YouTube description , title and tags. Each video can also have a corresponding article which you can upload to your site/blog. ( If you decide not to have a video you can simply send relevant articles to the list.)

Landing Page

You can create a page on your own website or we have a free template that you are welcome to use. You can also use Convertri or Click Funnels to create you own landing pages. ( contact us for a free trial/demonstration)

Once this entire system is set up, the process runs on autopilot.  Simply let your ads run, people see the post/ad and go to your landing page,  they then download your ebook and are directed to join your Facebook group.  You can then provide them with relevant content ie. Videos, articles etc.

If every time they see an email, and they know that it’s going to be useful information, and they will not view it as spam.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me to discuss how to implement this strategy for your Business, content ideas, what the best topic for your ebook should be, etc.

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